Narrow Escape, 1996

A Neo-Rococo armoire has been transformed to incorporate video. (Monitors have been placed in the openings from which the armoire’s original decorative panels have been removed). At first all three monitors show an image of the same platter of food which begins to be surreptitiously eaten until the center monitor dissolves to show a woman trying, unsuccessfully to fit into a dress. Next, the same woman, and several others, all quite slim, try to enter a party through a door that is way too narrow. After they manage to squeeze through they discover that the chairs at the party are, like the door, too narrow for even the slimmest among them to sit comfortably. Next, when they try to use them to play a game of musical chairs they realize that impossible to sit in, they are too weak to support them as well. Each time the music stops and they compete for the available seats, one of the chairs collapses and, as the game continues, one chair after another breaks into pieces. No one is slim enough to keep their chair intact hence there is no winner in this game.