The Institute for Wishful Thinking, ongoing

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The Institute for Wishful Thinking is a collaborative group of artists whose members were originally either faculty or MFA students at Queens College City University of New York. We continue to pool our energies to grant the wishes of various organizations. We specialize in providing aid and acknowledgment to those under-recognized, tireless individuals who work behind the scenes as well as offering alternatives to conventional organizational behavior. However, we also take advantage of the ambiguity contained in our name to provide a space for fantasy and imagination. We offer our assistance in the form of wishes. Since the IWT works with organizations, not individuals, wishes are always directed toward a specific organizational event, goal or challenge. We do our best to grant as many wishes as we can, sometimes literally, sometimes a symbolically or metaphorically. While our primary goal is to be of help, we also accept wishes that offer critique.

Active Agents: Maureen Connor, Gregory Sholette, Susan Kirby, Matthew Mahler, John Pavlou, Nathania Rubin, Bibi Calderaro, Tommy Mintz, and Andrèa DeFelice

Artists in Residence for the US Government (Self-Declared), May 1 - April 8, 2011
Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY